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Ships sailing in convoy presented a much smaller target: a convoy was as hard to find as a single ship.Even if the privateer found a convoy and the wind was favourable for an attack, it could still hope to capture only a handful of ships before the rest managed to escape, and a small escort of warships could easily thwart it.The course of the Battle of the Atlantic was a long struggle as the Germans developed anti-convoy tactics and the British developed counter-tactics to thwart the Germans.The capability of a heavily armed warship against a convoy was dramatically illustrated by the fate of Convoy HX-84.

Arriving at the scene of a major emergency with a well-ordered unit and intact command structure can be another motivation.The most enduring system of convoys were the Spanish treasure fleets, that sailed from the 1520s until 1790.When merchant ships sailed independently, a privateer could cruise a shipping lane and capture ships as they passed.On November 5, 1940, the German heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer encountered the convoy.Maiden, Trewellard, Kenbame Head, Beaverford, and Fresno were quickly sunk, and other ships were damaged.

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