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Thanks to my lucrative exploits, I was able to move to New York after graduation and pursue many ventures: I tried internships, enrolled in a film course, and performed off-Broadway. Three months later, back in New York, I was seeing no one. "I believed I'd acted deliberately, pragmatically, as a conscious adult.

In my spare time, I cultivated tomato plants, beat every level of Candy Crush, and taught Zumba to the elderly—sleeping with rich men who treated me like their paid princess was my secret second life. I was hopeful about returning to school, but without the Daddies I lacked direction. Becoming a Sugar Baby was not the path I'd envisioned for myself, but I viewed it as part of my journey to a life of stability—and human connection.

It was a life hack—a loophole in our society, one area in which young women could capitalize. I turned to therapy for insight."What would bring a nice, college-educated young woman to have sex for money? I feared something was wrong with me—I didn't have this desire for emotional connection.

At reunion events, friends from my all-girls' school listened intently as I regaled them with tales from the Sugar Bowl, as I called it, a welcome respite from their jobs working 9-5 in human resources. Aware I'd quit my day job, he was confused about the source of my mysterious cash flow. Having sex for money had become a way for me to participate in this realm of intimacy, because otherwise I wouldn't have wanted to have it at all.

I 'm the tall brunette in the romper," I texted from the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton. After martinis and a cheese plate, we got a room—Rich undressed, I de-rompered.

I'm Rich."The 65-year-old business executive looked old but well preserved.

Lately, he was busy exploring the Boston nightlife scene and all Grindr had to offer. Half joking and half desperate, I Googled the phrase "Sugar Daddy" and stumbled upon Seeking Arrangement, unlocking a world of generous benefactors, willing to finance my aimless existence.

For two vodka cranberries and a flatbread, it seemed natural to return the favor.

I never saw Rich again, but after our tryst I was hooked on the site.

I was astounded to realize I could get paid to wear a slinky dress, sip cocktails, and chat, just as I'd done for free with guys my age.

I thought back to one particularly cute guy I'd met through Ok Cupid: tan, toned, and 27. Afterwards, I went back to his place for sex—a fair trade, I thought.

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