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He had no name recognition to stand on so he used Sitchins good name to get attention for himself so he could sell his own book, appear on the radio and get speaking engagements. Heiser does not think he is a debunker and I will not declare that he is.My purpose is, for the reader, to point out that his tactics and behavioral patterns fit the mold and style of a debunker which includes using personal attacks and ridicule.He thereby agrees with Sitchins thesis that the old translations have mistakes, made from editing, scribes or translators, either purposeful or by accident.

The purpose, for me, is to increase my understanding of a subject and clarify misunderstandings.His purpose for wanting to debate Sitchin is to employ the attack and ridicule process.It is that the Sumerian people, (later on the Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonians) carved on clay tablets, (3/4 of a million texts, most of the tablets are contracts for goods & services and administrative tablets), that tell a story that is both familiar and fantastic.Wouldnt he want to be recognized for his own individual achievements?This maneuver is a shifter strategy made famous in the book, Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.

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Debunker trick #1, when having no reputation of your own, attempt to destroy the work of an established individual, in the process creating a name for yourself.

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