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Outside of the dungeons, the racier half of Conception 2’s content will be the make-or-break point for most players.The game requires you to befriend a handful of cute girls, like Nariko, the timid-yet-buxom student leader, and Serina, who looks distressingly young despite technically being older than the protagonist.If that’s what you’re into, have at it, but it’s a lot to ask of some players that prefer better-than-average JRPGs to treat women with a little more respect.The mysterious new Bio Ware title teased back at E3 2014 seems poised for a reveal soon as EA noted that it will be out by the end of Q1 2018.Conception 2 borrows heavily and rather blatantly from those specific games, especially the battle interface, the offbeat enemy designs, and those games’ approach to dungeon layout.Even so, Conception 2 understands those concepts beyond a surface level, subtly tweaking those mechanics to enrich its gameplay in similar ways that still stands out from pretty much every other JRPG.

You must strategically place your team around enemies, choosing whether to safely attack their weak points or face the beasts head-on to quickly charge up bonus attacks.A downside to all that nuance is that it requires a lot of explanation.Right from the start you’ll have dozens of tutorials thrown at you to describe Conception’s many special qualities.This setup is introduced at the same time as the more risque--and wholly unavoidable--story elements.The “Conception” in the title is literal, because God’s Gift magically creates demon-slaying Star Children with his young, female classmates.

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These long text guides are necessary, in particular for people less familiar with JRPGs--though even experienced players will suffer a barrage of explanation throughout the first few hours.

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