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There are differences between a divorce, legal separation and an annulment.

Simply stated, a divorce is a judgment by a court that you and your spouse are no longer legally married.

An attorney can only represent one spouse during the divorce.

In Illinois, there is no such thing as a “quickie” divorce.

Additionally, after filing for the divorce, the other spouse has at least 30 days to respond the divorce petition.Rather, we tailor each case to the particular needs and wants of the clients, taking into careful consideration the people and issues involved.The length of divorce proceedings are varied and determined by numerous factors such as the level of cooperation and communication between the parties and their attorneys, the number of issues involved, and how quickly information and discovery are exchanged.However, the divorce is not considered final until the judge signs and enters the Judgment for Dissolution.Each divorce is unique based on the people and issues involved.

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Our firm strongly believes the important thing is not how quickly the divorce is finalized but rather when the divorce is finalized, our client is satisfied with the ultimate outcome and prepared for the next stage in their life. Most divorces are settled prior to going to a full trial.

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