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Not the nicest thing to talk about, but I'm considering buying one to use on myself in the very early stages of labour.

So have you had one before, either in labour or for any other reason? It didn't ' clear me out' as i was so backed up it was just to try and create some more space! It may just be worth leaving it and hoping for the best, i know it may feel embarrassing now but when you're in labour it probably won't matter to you xx Thanks for the reply.The MW was out of the room and my ever so supportive DH wouldn't help me clear it up so I had to call MW to clean me up 😳 would never be able to sit and have my tea break with them again 😱 x I had to have investigative tests this year and I had to have an enema...... The cramps were bad and it was like I was having contraction pains and that's without being pregnant. I learned how to do the coffee enema the right way after I purchased my equipment from your website in 2008.I am still in the learning process and will be using the Optimal Health Network for all my questions. Right then and there she took me to a colon therapist. I found a woman in Madison in 1992 whom I saw 3 times, 6 weeks apart. I am 81 years old and I know colon hydrotherapy helps me to stay vibrant. I'm an absolute novice that just started about two weeks ago.RRI received your book last week and want to thank you for a job well done on writing this book. I would love to visit you but I live in West Virginia. I am 51, disabled, blood clot in my leg, and two major back operations in the last two years. Regular colon hydrotherapy has been beneficial to me so I wanted others to hear my story: Back in the late 50s, I was visiting an aunt in Los Angeles who was a client of a colon therapist. She decided to return to nursing so I found a new therapist. I hope I can get some guidance tonight on detox for lead fumes.

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The "clean and clear" objective had been accomplished.