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This emphasis on community is prevalent in CHRISTEENE’s “Aktion Toilet” video, directed by long-time collaborator PJ Raval (the song was produced by Thomàs Suire).

Premiered exclusively here on the ethereal clip pays homage to the lost days of cruising and anonymous sex through depictions of “sacred cults of mystics and pervs.” It’s a formidable follow-up to last year’s incredible, NSFW ‘Butt Muscle’ and a tantalising glimpse at CHRISTEENE’s long-awaited debut album, slated for release in spring next year.

“It’s a weird time, because it’s not like there’s a music channel and you have to get the approval of whatever fuck-face is in charge..course we’re going to get our work deleted from You Tube” – Peaches the video, so it’s funny to see people dip into trends.

It’s not natural; it’s a phase, or it’s for one song.

It might be a toilet, and there’s always action in it! Australia just decided on gay marriage, but what does that How normal is that?!

This kind of relationship is arguably more common within queer communities; because we’re so often ostracised, rejected or shamed, we have a tendency to cultivate and nurture close ties with like-minded allies.

My director, PJ Raval, and I, think of these crazy expensive looks, realise we can’t afford them and then just build it ourselves. Queer spaces are closing – there’s a limit to how far we can push it if we can only thrive within those contexts. But we’re still existing, and we have to stay visible. They’re like ‘fuck these bars, let’s make our own spaces’.

It’s this beautiful, janky, heartfelt, home-made message, and I love that about both of our work – we can see the care that goes into it. That these weirdos are doing that in the heart of Texas proves that something is still cooking.

Apps have made it like a Sears catalogue: you flick through, play quick and then go home. That whole pursuit, using your best skills to find the tricks and trade in the bathroom or the food court; to make that contact and ensure you could align with those people in those dangerous spaces. Those of us who created those spaces are now dealing with these clean alternatives, but we’re still yearning for those dark, mysterious places.

So the spark of ‘Aktion Toilet’ was those hideaway places, but as I wrote it evolved into those places becoming more magical, otherworldly; the places you go not only to find people to fuck around with, but also to deal with the heavy shit that’s going on in the world right now. At the same time, you’re realising a bunch of queers are actually attaining rights – they’re getting normalised. There’s never been more trans visibility, but there’s also never been more abuse.

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Peaches: This was pre-Trump, but two years ago I felt that.

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