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My friend is Mexican and is dating an Indian man and it's funny that her family is more open to the idea then his family is.

I was presuming the problems that Latinos may have based on the "Illegal Immigrant" stigma many of them face, particularly in the Southwest.

People are going to make a big deal about Whites/Latinos/Asians dating blacks before they make a deal out of Whites/Latinos/Asians dating each other.

In Cali noone even notices the interracial couple there so common,but in other parts of the country people give you weird looks and some even make it there business to mumble something,in Ohio though me and my girl have only gotten a couple mugs in certain parts of the city,certain parts of the NE were the worst in my experience.

Why do so many Asian girls hook up with dorky white guys? You might as well be a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest.

Do you feel any kind of change in your thinking or emotion? This post comes off of the Jamie Yeo thread, where in the midst of the IR debate, kobukson criticizes some Asian men by writing: Another mistake: making Asian women the focal point of the IR discussion. Kobukson raises a good point, and urb4n and Ma Sir Jones concur (and I thought it would be cool to see how well a one legged man would fare in a butt kicking contest).

So, sometimes, it's not as simple as just interracial dating being frowned upon in simplistic terms, but there could be some form of superficial "hating" going on.

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If the trend continues, "mixed" is the future of hair in a post-racial America.

Rosenberg says there are more interracial marriages in the West than in any other part of the country, putting California in the vanguard.

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Latinos: East Coast Midwest South West Coast Asians: West Coast East Coast South Mid West Black Males: West Coast Midwest South East Coast Black Females: East Coast South West Coast Midwest Yea this isn't really correct.