Moose jaw dating

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The next layer of occupation belonged to the Caron Cutlure dating from 1600.

It meanders through the Besant valley, on its way to join Thunder Creek near Caron. When the provincial archaeologist and his crew arrived on the scene they were hardpressed to find a piece of undisturbed ground.of plaster; removing the original flooring; and refinishing as much of the original furnishings to be used as part of the décor.The hard work was not without its fascinating surprises.Wettlaufer found eight clearly defined levels of occupation which he called "cultures".He wrote: "Culture would be defined as a complex of tools (stone and bone artifacts) sufficiently different from the cultural complex above and beneath it to be considered the work of a different peple." He named these cultural levels after nearby place-names e.g. The top or latest layer, called the Mortlach Culture, dated from 1780 to the time when the last buffalo inhabited the area.

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Robert got the opportunity to read a book created and written by a resident whose inventions were fascinating to learn about.