Paula patton dating robin thicke

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In February 2014, Patton says Thicke exploded at her in front of their son and his nanny.

'I was in Vancouver filming a movie entitled Warcraft.

Before leaving, the mediator appeared to pass a message along to Geary, walking over to her car to speak with her, then coming back, getting in his car, and driving away with Julian.

Patton initially wanted to keep the details of her custody battle out of the public-eye, an insider close to her told People.

'I told Robin that I was upset, and that his conduct was not cool.

Photos show Patton at a parking lot in Malibu with Julian and an unidentified man, who appeared to mediate a conversation between Patton and Thicke's new girlfriend, April Love Geary.

In front of our nanny and in front of Julian, he jumped out of bed naked, screaming.

Julian was upset and frightened by this unexpected rage (as was I),' Patton said.

'She says she spent the night at a friend's house and when she returned the next day, Robing 'became physically violent' - pushing her to the ground and kicking her.

Thicke reportedly had another outburst three months later, when the two attended the Cannes Film Festival.

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'I was shocked, as I had no idea until then of the extent of Robin's cocaine abuse,' she said.

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