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Do the “signatures” (tone, content, English fluency) differ from email to email?

If a gang is scamming you they will take turns writing you.

That is why they will sometimes try to ludicrously blackmail an openly gay man in the West. If the photos they send you are of different lads but claiming to be the same person you’ve got them nailed.

Here are some warning signs of which I don’t need to go into much detail because they are the same signs for straight romance scams and you will find a plethora of them on this website as well as others. Also if the photo on the profile is of some lad at the height of physical attraction but the photos they send you are the same lad 5 years older, beware.

In fact, if your email correspondence degenerates into an exchange of Q&As and there is no more ‘conversation,’ you are most likely dealing with a scammer.

A genuine person will take time to respond to your thoughts.

A scammer is sending emails to dozens of targets a day and doesn’t have time to respond to anything complex or thought-provoking.

While there are scammers from all countries, the majority live in Russia, the Ukraine and other former republics of the defunct Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Western and South Africa and Asia, in particular Malaysia and the Philippines.

Learn about IP addresses – they are often dead give-a-ways that the person is lying about where he lives. As soon as you realize you’re being scammed jump off the ride on fantasyland.

But DO NOT be accusatory, outraged or let the scammer know you’ve twigged on to their scam.

First, the number one dating web site used by scammers targeting gays is Gay

The reasons are that it is free to join and the administrator does not like deleting anyone from the site even when they are a proven scam artist. S., UK and Western Europe especially those who do not have a photo on their profile.

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They are too lazy to adopt a convincing gay persona and just stick to the heterosexual script. Ukraine, Ghana, Nigeria) where many gays are still in the closet.

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