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Tax consequences of liquidating

One such LLC equity incentive is a “profits interest.” This article answers two questions of importance to the recipient of a profits interest: (1) what exactly is a “profits interest” and (2) what are the tax pros and cons to the recipient?Q: My employer, an LLC, promised me equity incentives.Entrepreneurs familiar with the corporate form of business likely have received equity incentives themselves, possibly in the form of restricted stock, stock options or stock appreciation rights (SARs).

If you're thinking about the money you've been saving in CDs, unless they're about to mature, you should probably look elsewhere.Until the options are exercised for stock, appreciation rights and options do not represent equity, and any value that is attributable to these forms of equity incentives is treated as ordinary income, taxed at higher ordinary income tax rates, and may also be subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes.A third important difference is that upon receipt of a profits interest, the grantee becomes a partner for tax purposes.Banks charge, on average, three months of interest for CDs with maturities of less than one year and six months of interest for CDs with longer maturities.Some CDs permit the penalties to come out of your principal if you haven't accrued enough interest yet.

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This allows the bank to make more loans because it assumes it will have the money for the specified period.