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During the early 90s, only three cities are known to have had regular local gainer/ecnourager gatherings: New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.The first regular, organized west coast meet ups were dinner parties hosted by Randy Sumner in San Francisco starting in 1990.In 1982, a man named John Stone began printing what was the first ever publication explicitly for men into weight gain: Dragongate.Printed on a mimeograph in California, Dragongate featured stories, personal ads, photos and re-prints of a comic series called Judge Dredd, a sci-fi comic featuring obese characters quarantined on their own island.In 1988, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was created, allowing those knowledgeable enough to create chat rooms and exchange text messages in real time.On March 3, 1989, Paul Casey founded Waka Waka BBS, an online messageboard for the Seattle chub-chaser community.It was at one of these informal meetings that the terms “gainer” and “encourager” were proposed as standard terminology.The late 80s were a formative time for the emerging gainer/encourager community, marking the widespread standardization of the terms “gainer” and “encourager”, the first regular organized gainer/encourager meetings, and the launch of a series of newsletters that would define the community in the pre-internet era.

Because the internet was still a new phenomenon, print outlets remained king during this time.While Girth and Mirth clubs did not have an explicit gainer identity (the terms “gainer” and “encourager” had yet to be coined), at the time they provided the only outlet for gay men who were interested in weight gain.Many Girth & Mirth clubs were founded or led at various times by men who would later come to identify as gainers or encouragers.In 1993 another gainer newsletter, The Oinquirer, was launched out of San Francisco, focusing on erotic stories, tabloid articles and tales of celebrity weight gain.The same year saw the first-ever publication of gainer/encourager content in a bear publication.

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John passed his contact list to Ollie Lee Taylor in Florida, who then launched XXXLNT in 1989.

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