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The virus they studied is a bacteriophage – a virus that infects and destroys bacteria.The cutaway diagram of the capsid shows the DNA wound neatly into a fabric-like pattern.Darwinists are hoping that the salient modern human evolutionary adaptation is amnesia.” Astronomy • Biomimetics • Birds • Botany • Cell Biology • Cosmology • Dating Methods • Dinosaurs • Early Man • Education • Evolution • Fossils • Genetics and DNA• Geology • Health • Human Body • Intelligent Design • Mammals • Marine Life • Media • Origin of Life • Physics • Politics and Ethics • SETI • Solar System • Theology • Zoology Awards: Amazing • Dumb 12/31/2008 Dec 31, 2008 — How does the SETI Institute say happy holidays?To find out, visit their year-end press release on Another analogy is that they work like pistons operating in sequence.Using ATP energy pellets, they take advantage of electrostatic forces to gently but firmly transfer the DNA strand into the interior, where it coils in an orderly fashion.“ The materialistic philosophical basis for Darwinism and the inference that humans evolved by natural selection have been catastrophic to medicine. is really gained by the relevant basic sciences (molecular genetics, microbiology, epidemiology), with no need for Darwinian just-so stories.For the past century, Darwin’s only legacy to medicine has been eugenics.

You can’t get moral sauce from a Jill Tarter unless there is a soul inside.Undoubtedly this was a reference to a duck-billed dinosaur, the article explained, but then it went on to say it had a wingspan of 16 feet!If you ever find a flying platypus that big, run for cover.And most of all, be adopted by your Creator (Ephesians 1). 12/30/2008 Dec 30, 2008 — Your job today is to stuff a delicate chain into a barrel without breaking it and make it wrap neatly inside.A tiny virus does this with helping hands, reported Purdue University.

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A study by Kansas State researchers reported by Phys Org found that more patients recovered from abdominal surgery faster with flowers in the room.