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Upanishads dating

They would prefer to begin with Vedism or Shaivism.In doing so, they miss an important and unmistakable point regarding the very identity and definition of Hinduism and how it emerged as a major world religion.We do not know which beliefs and practices or the religious traditions of the Indus Valley Civilization found their way into present day Hinduism.Some historians question whether the religion of the Indus Valley people can be categorized at all as the earliest known aspect of Hinduism.by Jayaram VWe have very little information about the religious life of the Indus valley people.During it's hey days the Indus valley civilization covered an area in the Indian subcontinent that was larger than the present day Europe.

Going by this definition, whatever faith or religion the Indus people practiced automatically falls under purview of Hinduism, and thereby becomes the earliest known, historic aspect or tradition of Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma.

It is believed that at some time the Dravidians lived on the northern fringes of the Indian subcontinent, before they moved deeper into the southern and the eastern territories for reasons unknown.

It is interesting to note that the generic name for a town or a city or a near by village in some Dravidian languages such as Telugu and Tamil is "ur" or "uru", which sounds similar to the name "Ur," the first known urban settlement in human history, which was found in Mesopotamia.

Classic Hermetic books that should be in every occult student's library.

A critical review of the teachings and books of the Czech occultist.

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