Updating old painted cabinets

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Updating old painted cabinets

After a light sanding and cleaning, I simply painted on two coats of latex paint (the Behr highest quality, Marquee). There is much to be desired with this entry staircase. When we put in new wood floors, we will run them all the way up the stairs for a consistent look.We would love to have it feel more grand and open, but we’re a bit limited with how the floorplan is laid out. While it looks like the carpet runner is just put down over the wood stairs and therefore would be easy to remove and paint the treads, this is not the case. At that time, we will also remove the rounded end cap and put in a simple straight-lined banister ( It ended up looking very choppy and drew more attention to the orange tone in the wood and the odd placement of the carpet runner – not things we were wanting to highlight.I’d love to see a bigger rug in here – something durable with maybe a touch of color. ) for guests to hang coats and bags when they visit. Phase One part two will be some changes in the furniture and styling and we’ll get to the bigger Phase Two changes later this year.Overall, these simple fixes do a lot to freshen up the space and make it feel more like us.As we are beginning to meet people in our new town, we’re finding that when they drop by, we end up chatting in the entry.The problem is, the entry is not the best representation of our style and what we’re doing in the rest of the house.

Before we do hardwoods on the main floor, we want to take out the wall between the kitchen and dining room.

Phase Two: make long-term choices that take longer, cost more, but ultimately give us the result we’re after.

Phase One might feel like a waste since it will all be changed out eventually, but these changes help us enjoy living and entertaining in the house today and that feels worth it. The entry is another place for us to make our Phase One changes.

It is one of my favorite pieces we own, but it isn’t quite right for the entry.

I’m thinking now with the dark paint, we need something lighter and brighter in the entry. Right inside the door we have a bench, basket for shoes and tall mirror (such a steal at from IKEA).

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I would say that has been an interesting challenge so far in this house.

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