Zune software not updating dating toronot

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Zune software not updating

For some reason, when I go to windows update or microsoft update it freezes up and stops responding. I have no idea why the windows and microsoft webistes do that crap.

Note that Microsoft Update and Windows Update are two separate things - you may have updated your computer, but you might not necessarily have Microsoft Update.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! cant download microsoft updater cant download full install package cant download from any time i click on a download remotely zune or microsoft related i get get IE cannot display this web page. Ive also tried several things found while searching.

I have a copy of Zune 3.1 but i cant install it because i keep getting Error Code: 0x80072efd Cannot Connect with microsoft update help me please, im dangerously close to taking this thing out back and smashing it with a hammer. I'm new but Everytime I plug my Zune into my computer it does not connect to my Zune I've uninstalled, and redownloaded it so many times. Now Im fairly convinced that Microsoft is made up of a bunch of absolute retards. I forgot to mention that the same software had installed without any issues whatsoever on my HP Tablet PC (running win xp) But I want it on my desktop....

If you are having this problem, first make sure Zune is allowed through your firewall, and all that.

If you normally DO NOT use Internet Explorer, click on internet explorer and make sure you can get online.

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(Use Internet Explorer) If you have trouble doing this or the Zune software nevertheless fails to install, continue onto the alternate solution.